NFL’s ‘No.1’ draft pick Trevor Lawrence joins Blockfolio and receives bonus paid out in Ethereum and Solana

Trevor Lawrence, the number one pick in this year’s National Football League (NFL) Draft, has signed a multi-year contract with crypto tracking app Blockfolio, as an announcement today.

“Pumped to announce I’ve joined Blockfolio! Excited to help bring these two worlds together,” he tweeted.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana

As per the report, Lawrence will receive part of his signing bonus in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL) as part of the deal.

The deal makes him the first athlete to receive a “significant amount” of his signing bonus in cryptocurrency, with the proceeds deposited directly into the quarterback’s Blockfolio account.

Under the terms, Lawrence will help educate newcomers with cryptocurrencies by using the Blockfolio app to showcase how users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency with no fees.

Lawrence attended and played football for Cartersville High School in Georgia, where he was considered to be among the best high school quarterback prospects of all time. The fame has since led to several lucrative endorsement prospects for the young star, who is said to be interested in the crypto space.

“We believe that Trevor is the future of football and we think that crypto is the future of finance,” said Blockfolio’s COO Sina Nader in a statement. “Trevor represents a lot of the promise and potential of football at the highest level, and we think that crypto represents the same thing at the highest level of finance,” she added.

Nader added that cryptocurrencies still hadn’t reached mass adoption in the US, with some reports suggesting less than 10% of the US populace owns cryptocurrencies (despite the sector surging to a $2 trillion valuation in the past year).

Meanwhile, getting Lawrence on board Blockfolio is part of a bigger strategic initiative for crypto exchange FTX, its parent company. The latter bought out the naming rights to the Miami Heats stadium earlier this year as it seeks to popularize its services among newcomers to the booming market.

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