ZEBEDEE, MoonPay Bring Instant Bitcoin Purchases In-Game

Users can now buy and sell bitcoin while gaming through a partnership between gaming fintech ZEBEDEE and payments firm MoonPay.

Users of bitcoin gaming app ZEBEDEE can now top up their BTC balances in-app with debit and credit cards.

The gaming fintech said in a Thursday press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine that it had integrated bitcoin buying and selling services from MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payments infrastructure provider.

The partnership between the two firms will allow gamers to quickly add more bitcoin to their balances without leaving the app – a more convenient funding vehicle for those embarking on the world of bitcoin-enabled games.

MoonPay’s integration with ZEBEDEE leverages the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s overlay protocol for cheaper and faster payments – promising a solution for gamers in need of immediate balance top-ups.

“We love how MoonPay has created an extremely simple, fast and frictionless way for anyone to buy or sell bitcoin,” said Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE, per the release. “The capabilities they provide are a perfect fit for what we want to achieve at ZEBEDEE.”

Bitcoin-enabled games provide an easier entrance point for users that aren’t as well-versed on Bitcoin technology but want to experience the peer-to-peer digital money. By linking online gaming, which has existed for decades, to Bitcoin, which is a relatively new development, apps like ZEBEDEE promise to lower barries for new users onboarding to Bitcoin.

“And that is a seamless experience for people to start using Bitcoin, without it feeling like a burden, which is often the experience of using finance apps or exchanges for people who are not as tech-savvy,” Cowell added.

At launch, the MoonPay integration will only be available for ZEBEDEE users in the U.S., but the gaming firm said it expects to expand the ability to buy and sell bitcoin in-app with debit and credit cards to more countries and currencies soon. ZEBEDEE also said it plans to enable sellers to receive fiat money such as the U.S. dollar directly to their bank accounts.

“The solution we’re launching today is just a first step, and we look forward to bringing extremely simple Bitcoin buying and selling features to millions more gamers,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, MoonPay co-founder and CEO, per the release.


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